Office 365 Hybrid

Host your power users on Office 365 and general users on Cloud Zimbra

Sharing the same domain name and reducing the overall cost of ownership.


Office 365 + Cloud Zimbra

To reduce the cost of ownership without depriving power users of their productivity, we have innovated this hybridized technology. Moreover. our offering is also bundled with Logix Email ATP.

To ensure a seamless shift to the Office 365 hybrid, Logix provides migration services, wherein mail/ folder/calendar and contact data are migrated from Office 365 to Zimbra.

A few highlights of Hybrid Mail Solution that bring more value to your existing system are:

  • Best ROI with justified IT costs.
  • Common domain name between both mailing platforms.
  • Without compromising, you get all features of both Cloud Zimbra and Office 365.
  • Seamless mail flow.
Logix InfoSecurity being the largest Zimbra Service Provider Partner and Microsoft Cloud Service Provider too, can seamlessly integrate both platforms.
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    Office 365 is undoubtedly the numero uno productivity and collaboration tool.

    However, most businesses have realized that only power users are utilizing the potential of the solution and general users are only using basic email features.

    For optimizing IT budgets, most organizations have started to migrate their general users to low-cost mail solutions. This is where the Office 365 hybrid offers a single, powerful platform. Fill up the form above to get started.

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