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Logix InfoSecurity is an Expert Partner of Fortinet


Fortinet Support

Logix InfoSecurity has been able to address customers’ requirements in terms of technical support services and security threat management.

Our team extends support to its end customers to ease the burden of monitoring and resolving issues with its:

  • Certified and experienced team.
  • Unmatched 24x7x365 support.
  • Support levels – Platinum/Gold/Remote.
  • 98% SLA (Service Level Agreement) for hardware failures​​.

  • Handling support level issues.
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    Logix's Fortinet Cybersecurity Certification

    The following table highlights the skill sets of the resources that we have, which enables us to efficiently manage customer deployments and critical support. As the resources are certified to the highest levels, our dependency on the OEM for technical support is very less and customer resolution is faster.
    Certificate/Training (Network Security Expert) Obtained
    NSE 1 58
    NSE 2 51
    NSE 3 55
    NSE 4 4
    NSE 5 Exams 5
    NSE 6 (Tech w/o AWS or Azure) 2
    NSE 6 (Technologies) 2
    NSE 7 Exams 2
    Adaptive Cloud Sales Training 1

    Fortinet solutions

    We have the expertise to manage and deploy Fortigate solutions, including their range of Fortinet products. We enable organizations to reduce the complexity of managing security and equip them to handle potential risks.
    UTP bundle includes:
    • 24×7 comprehensive support.
    • Advanced hardware replacement (NBD).
    • Firmware and general upgrades.
    • Application control, IPS, AV, botnet IP/domain, mobile malware service, web filtering, antispam, FortiGate Cloud Sandbox including Virus Outbreak and Content Disarm and Reconstruct Services.
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