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Email Archival Solution

MailVault Email Archiving

Simplified & Secure Compliance Mail Archival for Business Enterprises on Logix Cloud

MailVault Email Archiving

Business email communication contains valuable data and needs to be preserved safely for long periods of time

MailVault email archiving solution archives all internal, incoming, and outgoing emails.

A universal mail archiving solution that works with all standard mail servers – Office 365, G Suite, Cloud Zimbra etc. The powerful search mechanisms of MailVault allow you to view and restore email for any user, over any time period.

The main benefit of email archiving is that it readies your company for e-discovery, compliance and monitoring. It is simple to use and maintain, and has excellent resource utilization with a low cost of ownership. It is also better than deleting emails.

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    Simple to use and maintain | Secure business data | Smart storage and monitoring

    Key Features of MailVault

    Smart Storage

    Email deduplication and single-instance storage to minimize disk usage. Compression for even greater storage gains. Military grade encryption.

    Search and Retrieval

    Simple search. Free-text search in full message body and headers. Advanced search based on various criteria. Forward email as original mode available.

    Compliance Ready

    Long term storage and quick retrieval of all email. Auditable administrator and user activity logs. Email tamper detection

    Security Policies

    Supports multi-role user privileges. Authorization and access are based on user role. Sub-admin roles for divided responsibilities and to prevent admin snooping.

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