Why Backup Microsoft 365: A Simple Guide

Why Backup M365

Microsoft 365 is important for storing sensitive data like emails and documents. But sometimes, things can go wrong, and your data might get lost, especially since Microsoft 365 doesn’t take responsibility for your data security. That’s why it’s smart to backup Microsoft 365. Here’s why:

Data loss issue: Sensitive business data such as emails or shared files stored in Microsoft 365 are not protected from data loss issues.

Limited Recovery Options: Microsoft 365 doesn’t always get back everything you lose. It’s like looking for a lost toy but not finding it.

OneDrive Weakness: Even though OneDrive is in the cloud, it can still lose data if something bad happens on your computer. That’s not good!

Security Risks and Compliance: Keeping your data safe is super important, especially if you have to adhere to regulatory protocols. Microsoft 365 doesn’t always do enough to keep your data safe.

So, what can you do? Use a special backup tool, Like Acronis Cyber Protect.

Here’s why:

More Security: A secure cloud-to-cloud backup solution helps you safeguard your Microsoft 365 data, reduce expenses and ensure business continuity.

Comprehensive Backups: Acronis Backup works on all critical avenues of your Microsoft 365 data, including mailboxes, MS Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint etc.

Unlimited Cloud Storage: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is hosted on an expansible cloud deployment that can scale as per your growing needs!

With a good backup tool like Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, your Microsoft 365 data stays safe, and you can play worry-free!

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