Understanding Gmail and Yahoo DMARC Requirements

Understanding Gmail And Yahoo Dmarc Requirements

In an effort to bolster email security, Google and Yahoo announced new requirements for bulk senders regarding Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) protocols, effective February 2024. We’re here to simplify these requirements for you, regardless of the size or complexity of your email infrastructure. Let’s dive into the essentials.

Am I affected?

If your organization sends 5,000 or more messages daily to either Gmail or Yahoo users, starting February 2024, your email domain must have a DMARC policy in your DNS. Failure to comply with DMARC alignment may result in emails not being delivered. This includes messages sent on behalf of your organization by third-party email service providers (ESPs).

Why the sudden change?

Google and Yahoo are prioritizing email validation to thwart spam and potential threats, ultimately enhancing inbox security for their users. Having DMARC in place not only curtails spam but also improves inbox placement by signalling to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that you’re committed to following established email standards.

How to Prepare for the Change

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Technical Requirements

For organizations sending over 5,000 emails daily to Gmail or Yahoo users, certain technical prerequisites must be met:

  1. Have a DMARC policy in your DNS, even if it’s set to monitor mode initially.
  2. Ensure your messages pass DMARC alignment through DKIM or SPF authentication.
  3. Verify that sending IPs have corresponding PTR records in DNS.
  4. Adhere to Yahoo and Google’s spam guidelines and properly format emails according to established standards.
  5. Avoid spoofing Gmail or Yahoo addresses, as stricter enforcement will be implemented.

In Conclusion

Understanding and complying with Gmail and Yahoo DMARC requirements are crucial steps in ensuring email deliverability and safeguarding against malicious activities.

By embracing DMARC protocols and adhering to sender guidelines, organizations can enhance email security and maintain a positive sender reputation.

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