Tamper-Proof Your Microsoft 365 Data Protection with Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Backup For M365

In the dynamic landscape of today’s digital business world, Microsoft 365 has become the backbone of productivity for countless companies, boasting nearly 400 million paid licenses and over 280 million active monthly users on Microsoft Teams as of February 2023. The sheer volume of data generated and processed through these applications emphasizes the critical need for robust data protection measures.

Despite Microsoft’s commitment to ensuring high availability and infrastructure resilience, a crucial misconception persists among businesses – that Microsoft provides complete data protection for their applications and related data. However, a closer look at Microsoft’s services agreement reveals a different reality: Microsoft recommends businesses to use third-party solutions for backing up content and data, especially in cases of accidental deletions, security threats, or other unforeseen issues.

Enter Acronis Cyber Protect, the comprehensive solution bridging the protection gap for Microsoft 365 data. Unlike relying solely on Microsoft’s infrastructure, Acronis Cyber Protect offers direct, agentless backup from Microsoft data centers to the secure Acronis Cloud – a global network fortified by a robust information security and compliance program.

Key Features of Acronis Cyber Protect

Efficient Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Backup runs in the secure Acronis Cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises configurations and maintenance.

Fast Microsoft 365 backups ensure minimal disruption to business operations.

Intuitive User Interface

User-friendly, modern interface streamlines backup administration, reducing costs and minimizing the learning curve.

Automatic Protection for New Microsoft 365 Items

Simplify backup management with automatic protection for new users, groups, and sites.

Quick Backup Search

Enhanced search functionality for mailboxes enables users to locate files based on various parameters, ensuring swift and precise retrieval.

Powerful Status Monitoring

Advanced reporting capabilities, widgets, notifications, and alerts provide transparency and security, keeping businesses informed of critical events.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Support

Add an extra layer of security with MFA, bolstering authentication via trusted devices or fingerprints.

Multilevel Encryption

Irreversibly encrypted passwords and enterprise-grade AES-256 encryption at the source enhance Microsoft 365 data protection.

For businesses relying on Microsoft 365, Acronis Cyber Protect emerges as the indispensable ally in fortifying data protection measures. With its reliable and easy-to-use features, businesses of all sizes can seamlessly complement Microsoft’s data protection efforts, ensuring that their critical data is not just available but also recoverable in the face of unforeseen challenges.

Acronis Cyber Protect stands as the guardian of Microsoft 365 data, offering a better way to protect, secure, and propel your business forward.

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