5 Security Trends You Must Follow in 2023 For Maximum Impact

Security Trends That Should Be Followed In 2023

Importance of following the security trends

It was quiet tough to follow the security trends as the previous few years have been very challenging for all of us, especially considering the rapid digitization of virtually all our personal and professional activities.

People all over the world have learnt how to live in post-pandemic situations with uncertain business conditions, growing inflation, and geopolitical tensions.

These macro security trends will be the same in 2023 and the importance of cyber security in the business place will surely be shooting up. The IT heads must get more agile on securing their organization.

Following security trends should be definitely considered in the coming year:

Supply chain security trends attains power

Companies like SolarWinds and Kaseya have infamously experienced severe breaches about a year ago. In fact, 98% of the global organizations have suffered supply chain breaches in 2021. So, IT and cyber security heads need to take necessary actions in the coming year.

The firms need to manage third-party risks more constructively which means closer inspection of your open-source packages and constant evaluation of your service providers.

Zero trust

Zero trust is ready for a crucial boost as this digital era is defined by cloud and mobile-centric ecosystems, hybrid work, and obstinate cyber attackers. Security organizations are starting their projects many-a-times from scratch and building from there i.e. first to government suppliers and then to the broader business community.

A zero trust end state is a journey in itself and requires you to streamline several of your access privileges and protocols.

Ransomware will zero in on the cloud

Ransomware has been consistent since 2020. So, it cannot be ignored in 2023. Ransomware may be evolving with the “as-a-service” model. Some changes are already visible in attack groups like Lapsus, which focus less on ransom payments and more on extortion through the use of data exfiltration.

Ransomware is predicted to concentrate on the cloud data stores in 2023, as cloud resources have become business-critical. Cloud misconfigurations will allow attack vectors to slip through. IT heads need intensified posture management for ransomware mitigation.

For more helpful information, refer to our blog about paying ransomware amounts.

Moving towards convergence

Cyber security trends comes with a cost, but being unprotected comes at an even greater cost. Clever organizations know this, and are maintaining their budgets for security. However, there is still scope for improvement.

On an average, an organization uses around 75 different security tools.
Any Chief Information Security Officer will welcome the chance to minimize their overheads by integrating their security tools under as few platforms as possible.

Securing vendor platforms that cover many domains like networks, Zero Trust access, email, and web security will be your genius move in 2023. This will enhance the productivity of your IT and cyber security teams and will reduce the cost of needless licenses. Security heads will have streamlined data coming in for their appraisal, allowing them to expose security gaps much more quickly.

Companies should direct their search for security solutions towards platform-based approaches from their vendors. Also, they should look for cyber security service providers who can easily integrate into their previously formed architectures.

Insurance institutes should up their game

Insurance businesses have had a complicated relation with cyber security for the past few years. Insurance companies have been criticized for their cheap cyber-insurance plans. This has resulted into rise in ransomware. The coverage is minimal for the organizations which have become victim of the ransomware.

In 2023 and beyond, insurers should offer wider coverage, while on the other hand, businesses should aim to implement more comprehensive security controls to lessen the policy cost.
It is surprising that 90% of cyber-risks are not covered under an insurance policy. Still, we should hope that this year could have a constructive footprint on the cyber world.


There is continuous advancement in technology which directly affects the cyber security trends too. Cyber security being a vast topic especially today, it’s hard to find one particular fixed solution to the problems faced under it. So, it’s important to be aware about cyber security trends and its importance.

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