Improving your cyber security strength

Improving Your Cyber Security Strength

The percentage of companies globally ranked as mature in device security is 31%, while in data security, it is 22%. Only 12% of organizations worldwide are considered mature. Half of the organizations are at the Formative or Beginner stage when it comes to identity management and network security, with the main challenge being deployment.

Company size is an important factor to consider. Analytics indicate that organizations with a workforce of 250 to 1000 employees are well-trained. Despite having larger budgets, bigger organizations face higher work complexity, resulting in more time consumption.

Some mature organizations have experienced significant losses. Healthcare organizations account for 18% of these, while financial services make up 19%. Retail organizations, on the other hand, make up 21% of the mature organizations. About 88% of organizations are progressing towards achieving “full coverage.” It is crucial for organizations to remain vigilant as cyberattacks have become increasingly common.

Ensuring a smooth user experience is paramount. The work environment is characterized by uncertainty. Implementing a Zero Trust approach proves to be one of the best solutions, as it facilitates informed decision-making, policy enforcement, and adherence to best practices for seamless operations.

Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH), a leading specialist in orthopedic and pulmonary specialties, required a robust IT infrastructure and robust security measures to safeguard its two campuses and 20 remote sites. DCH manages a vast network of 25,000 IoT devices, making it challenging to ensure the safety, visibility, and reliability of each device, whether it’s a TV or a robotic aid. To address these concerns, DCH has deployed Cisco Secure Network Analytics, enhancing performance and overall security.

Lake Trust Credit Union sought digital security solutions for its hybrid workspace, customers, and digital assets. By leveraging Cisco’s security solutions, Lake Trust has greatly benefited from improved oversight and control. With Cisco’s support, the company can now swiftly isolate infected environments and rebuild servers from the backup system in a matter of minutes, saving significant time compared to the previous duration of over eight hours.

Network protection is a crucial consideration for businesses, including Vicinity Centres, which operates 62 shopping centers across Australia. The pandemic served as an opportunity for Vicinity Centres to reevaluate its security measures across its IT infrastructure. Through the implementation of Cisco Umbrella, Vicinity Centres can provide guest Wi-Fi for shoppers while ensuring the security of various digital elements such as media screens and counters.

The aforementioned stories emphasize the importance of risk management and the implementation of innovative ideas for all staff members. Valuable lessons can be learned from companies and markets with extensive experience in this field. Cisco’s integrated security portfolio and recent innovations empower businesses to grow, innovate, and achieve impactful outcomes.