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Website Security Assessment

Why do you need Website Security Assessment?

Explore your website’s current security landscape and risk score against modern cyber threats. Your website may not be as immune to threats as you might think. With our security assessment service, you get the real answers to questions you may have like:

Is your Website Secure?

Is it compromised & already distributing malware?

Are there any vulnerabilities which can be exploited?

Security Assessment

Because websites are exposed to a number of cyber-attacks, an organization’s reputation, data, intellectual property and business are always at stake. These attacks could happen due to weak spots in your overall security or tiny loopholes in your website structure and data management.

What can we do to help you?

Logix can assist you to assess the weaknesses of your website, web-based applications, and online portals. With our SiteWall tool potent practices and technologies, Logix can evaluate your website w.r.t the following parameters:

Evaluate your website’s Security Posture

Know the Risk Score and concern areas that could impact your website

Uncover Vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers

Reduce the risk of Business Impact

A visibility & Recommendations to secure website

Recognize Operational Deficiencies in your website

What data do we provide?

Upon completing a thorough assessment of your website, we provide a detailed report with the executive summary, technical details and –

Risk Score

Risk score of your current website

Existing vulnerabilities

malware scan report

Malware scan report



Our Security Assessment

  1. You can register for requesting a complete Website Security Assessment.
  2. Our security consultant will connect with you to schedule the assessment.
  3. With your consent our Analyst performs assessment by scanning and reviewing your website.
  4. We generate the Website Assessment Report to give you actionable insights.
  5. We schedule a call for Executive Briefing.
process behind assessment

Want to look at a sample Website Assessment Report structure?

The assessment report has recommendations to reduce vulnerabilities that exist in your website.

Quick summary of the findings and risk ratings.

An in-depth insight in terms of risk and recommendations.

The vulnerabilities that may threaten your website security, ordered by the risk level.

The most effective method of keeping your website secure is to check for any current exposures and vulnerabilities on your website. By getting more visibility it is relatively simple to keep your website Safe and Secure. 

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