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Bulk Email Relay

Logix has rolled out an add-on offering called Bulk Email Relay Service which automatically routes bulk emails via our SMTP server. The SMTP Server, also called as Volume Mail gateway, will boost your mail deliverability by minimizing the chances of spam flags.

Terms & Conditions for Bulk Email Relay:

  • It can be availed only by Cloud Zimbra, and Cloud Email Security / ATP customers.

  • No limit on the number of emails.

  • The delivery period will be within 6 Hours.

  • Mail tracking request to be raised by the customer with Logix Support

  • All the other policies stated in SLA will still be applicable. These include:

    • Authenticated user should be same ‘Mail from’.
    • Max 500 Emails per hour per user.
    • Max 99 recipient in a single email.
  • If SendGrid identifies UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email) in the traffic, Logix shall notify customers and detain their further Bulk Email Traffic.

We are levying a fixed value fee per annum for this Bulk Email Relay add-on for an uncapped number of emails.

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