Web Security Assessment Services by Logix

Website Security Assessment Services By Logix

Your website is your gateway to the online world. Its performance, freshness, and quality represent the authority of your brand. That’s why doing website security assessment from time to time is a vital part of your overall online security. There might be vulnerabilities trailing behind due to poor coding, missing updates, or open ports for communication.

A website security assessment uncovers hidden security shortcomings of your website. The basic output of a security assessment is answers to some key security questions like:

1. Is my website secure against cyber threats?

2. Has it fallen victim to a malware without my knowledge?

3. Are there any vulnerabilities I may’ve missed?

How does Logix help you with Website Security Assessment?

Logix partners with SiteWALL to provide you a comprehensive report of your security status. In the process, we cover not just your website but also accompanying web-based applications, and secondary online portals. The assessment will provide you with deep insights into your website’s security standing. Can it stand its ground in the face of not just known threats but also emerging ones? Has it been exposed to security threats that are causing invisible damage? Is my data safe or has it been compromised? Our WSA services will give you all these answers.

But we don’t just give you the problem analysis and leave you out to dry. Our technical team will also give you potent steps you can take immediately, to cement any gaps in your security.

Before we look into the complete process of website security assessment, let’s look into a few key terminologies related to the service.

What is Security Posture?

Security posture is the comprehensive security status of your overall online security, which includes all possible endpoints from your website to any hardware you use to host that website. A good security assessment team will give you your security posture in terms of easy-to-follow figures rather than complex jargon. This gives you a clear target of boosting your security posture from X to Y.

Who is a Security Analyst?

A security analyst is a company’s permanent hire or freelancer who performs a thorough security check of all the devices in your security fabric. She/he gives you actionable steps to strengthen your security, and also warns you against potential threats.

What is a security vulnerability?

A security vulnerability is a gap in your security that leaves your system open to attacks and penetration that it can’t defend against. Security vulnerabilities arise due to improper data handling, lack of adherence to industry standards of coding, or shabby testing. If you’re providing account handling on your website, not enforcing a strong password policy can also introduce vulnerabilities.

What is risk score?

Each vulnerability poses its own risk of attack. How severe the risk is, depends on a lot of factors like points of entries possible, the kind of sensitive data it threatens to expose, or the returns it gets a hacker. To make the process objective rather than subjective, security analysts calculate a risk score, which take into account the probability of attack and also its impact.

Registering for our Website Security Assessment

  1. You can register for a complete Website Security Assessment, by clicking the link below.
  2. Our security consultant will contact you to organize a convenient time slot.
  3. With your consent, our Analyst then carries out full assessment by scanning and reviewing your website.
  4. At the end of the assessment, we provide you with a detailed report.
  5. Executive briefing follows, in which we walk you through the steps you need to take to improve your security posture.

Submit your assessment request.

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